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was established in 2013

Magnus Global Consulting depends on its next generation infrastructure to deliver cutting edge lifestyle enhancing products and services that anticipate customer needs. Understanding that customers are on-the-go, Magnus provides frictionless and seamless services, delivering the right products at the right time, helping customers simplify their lives and facilitating a smooth user-experience from start to finish. By utilizing state of the art innovative technologies, Magnus guarantees customer access to premium products and energy efficient services at an optimal cost.

Established in 2013, our company is committed to maintain and exceed standards that are demanded by the best companies in the IT field. We believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. We have executed a wide range of IT Projects in Government, Semi Government and Private sectors. Please find below a list of some of the recent clients we are working with. 

Magnus aims to improve an organization’s operations through selected services, ensuring security, mobility and productivity. Through unrivalled levels of expertise and service, Magnus offers a varied range of solutions for all sectors, from a single user to large global enterprises. Their extensive and varied experience allows them to offer clients a wide range of systems and services which maximizes efficiency, increases productivity and is cost-effective.

We aim for the highest quality with the smallest time investment possible on the customer side.”

The first step is to develop a detailed understanding of the customer requirements and a preliminary cost estimate.  Off-the-shelf solutions are always considered first to avoid re-inventing the wheel.  At the same time only projects where Magnus can add value are accepted.

Once the customer accepts the proposal, a complete functional analysis and detailed requirements description is made.  For larger projects a demo version of the application – proof of concept – to evaluate the functionality and interface is presented. Once the contract is signed, the actual development process begins and the application is fine tuned in a test environment.  Once the team at Magnus is satisfied with the application, it is handed over to the customer for final user acceptance testing.

World Class Team

Highly experienced professionals with in depth business and technical knowledge across various industry verticals. 

Efficient Processes

Products and services have been aligned to internationally proven systems and processes maintaining industry standards and utilizing best-of-breed practices. This provides customers with the optimum mix of a high productivity and cost effective product. 

Customer Centric Services

Every organization has unique requirements based on their particular operational and business needs. Magnus value added services are mode- lar and scalable to suit each client’s particular requirements accommodating dynamic changes over the lifecycle of their business, enabling them to meet present and future business challenges. 

Responsive Customer Care

All products and services are supported by a strong customer satisfaction and feedback program that are governed by quality accreditations and proven customer care methodologies.  This ensures that the customer's interaction and experience with Magnus is of the highest standards and customer expectations are met every time.

For Enquiries Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +9712-444-7757  

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