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IT Support

Typical IT support services include Network Security, Computer Support, IT Support, Computer Services, IT Solutions, IT Management, Wireless Network Maintenance, Microsoft Support, Software Support and Data Recovery, Virtualization, Server Support HP, Dell.

Full support of your IT infrastructure – hardware, software, networks, printers, mobile devices and others can be provided Your end-users and local administrators can contact the Magnus support team 24/7, 365 days a year.

Through expert IT consultants and    technicians    Magnus IT support can accomplish various tasks such as

  • Installing, configuring and patching your computer system with the latest windows updates
  • Carrying out full system reports
  • Online backup of important data
  • Providing upgrades, system repairs

Internet and Intranet Solutions are offered for all business users. You can reduce your IT costs by using Magnus remote computer support service for a cost effective business model. Business users will be able to focus on their primary area of interest of developing their business while IT needs are met by professionals. Using their services for On-site Hardware & Software     Support, you     will

quickly overcome any interruptions of your normal business flow.

Full or partial support of your existing IT infrastructure can be provided.  In case you do not have your own IT network, end-to- end support service from architecture proposal to hardware and software purchase, installation, testing and day-to-day management can be provided.

Reliable and stable systems available at any time are guaranteed due to our Remote Support program where problems can be solved proactively and in the minimum amount of time.

Our support services include:

Ο   Servers

Ο   End-user equipment

Ο   Mobile devices Management

Ο   Printer and network equipment

Ο   Maintenance and Support

Ο   Other devices as needed

We also provide:

Ο   Hardware and software delivery

Ο   Warranty support

Ο   System documentation

Ο   Change management documentation

Ο   Disaster recovery assessment

Ο   Performance optimization

Fiber Cabling Products

  • Fiber Cable (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Tight Buffer, Loose      Tube,      Steel Armored
  • OM1, OM2, OM3 Standard Cables
  • Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel X
  • Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel
  • Fiber Optic Splice Joints
  • Patch Optic Patch Cord(LC / SC / FC/ ST)

Legacy Application Support

Application support for various ERP and CRM applications including Oracle, SAP, and Maximo based applications are provided. Magnus Application Support enables IT executives to identify non-strategic work trends, provide real time comprehensive reports, and implement process-driven methods.  These measures result in improved productivity and customer satisfaction, the ability to redeploy knowledge workers to strategic tasks, an improved competitive advantage and reduced application support costs. Local application analysts or experts are deployed for projects based on requirements.

Today’s business and technical environment is changing faster than ever before.  As a result, Information Technology executives are faced with ever-growing challenges including:

Ο   Increasing Maintenance Costs

Ο   Implementing Strategic Initiatives

Ο   Replacing/Enhancing/Protecting Business Critical Applications

Ο   Decreasing Headcount

Ο   Finding and Retaining Skilled Resources

Ο   Maintaining Employee Morale

Ο   Missing or Outdated Documentation

Ο   Declining Application Knowledge

Ο   Rapid Technology Changes

CCTV Solutions and Biometric Solutions

We provide efficient and complete security solutions for the companies, who concern about their threat protection and people safety,

We integrate solutions with various security solutions, including   access control, biometric   security, CCTV systems, face-recognition and   other   enterprise solutions. Our success is backed by a strong business oriented philosophy, providing protection, safety and security solutions to all security pre-qualified dealers, security firms and organization.

Business today is getting more complex.  Every business, from the smallest outlet to the biggest enterprise needs to have a certain level of protection, which is supported by professional integrators like Magnus.

Telecommunications services

Magnus combines the proprietary   technologies of partners with its technical expertise to   develop custom-made applications for its customers. These applications are backed by our formidable after-sales- service and dedicated 24 X 7 customer support center team working efficiently to make the business run better.

With Magnus as your partner in telecommunication, we can guarantee you that all available solutions are taken into consideration. Telecommunication forms an integral part of our technology offering. We start the design process with due consideration of the exact requirement for different users as well as the demands for different applications.

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